Monday, June 27, 2022

Feature 171--DTKinetic


You Just Might be Okay

This is a piece that shares the floating crystal overtop a Sim's head. Wouldn't it just be absolutely perfect if we had something to actually show us our moods; considering how difficult it can be to break through one of the worst downtimes?
And just take a look how well DTKinetic painted this. The character trapped in such darkness but the little doobob providing the light that shows the character should be okay eventually. How the character will eventually crack through this dark point. It's lovely!


When I saw this piece, my breath was taken from me for a moment. The city goes back into the background just perfectly, and just look at how well the city lights itself! And these two cars in the very front are perfect for such a place.
Those clouds coming up from the background were just perfect to help share the streetlight in the foreground. The lights in the buildings perfectly show the busy times and hours of a never sleeping town. Love this whole piece!


Just look at the gorgeous painting talent that went into this one! The colors just brought me straight in as if saying, "Welcome, friend! Kick your feet back and rest for a time." And it'd be so worth being able to get a vacation in such a place.
The cacti and palm trees in the front are gorgeous and I'm always drawn in by such a gorgeous lake; like what has been painted on the right. And getting to the town in the background would still be a lovely trip, going through the pine forest on the left while you followed an old, dirt road.

If you've enjoyed these pieces and would like to see more like them, DTKinetic's dA gallery is right here. You'll find many many more landscapes, architecture, and just so many cute characters to check out!

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