Thursday, February 25, 2021

Altera Power Demonstration wip

Altera Power Demonstration

Aagh, forgot to save the version without the power references. Oh well. XD Riac's magic came out great and I personally really enjoy how his magic is playing on the tips of his fingers! I haven't started the shadow and light on the clothing yet (or in Riac's eyes), but that ball of fire is going to be the main source, I think!

Granted that all the boys' magics will have a slight form of light. Enough to glow on the individual caster after we get the light? It's so fun to be able to plan for all of these! Let's hope it all works out. ^^

I also mentioned last Monday (the 15th) that I was recovering from an MS attack. I can say that the week's worth of rest and relaxation has helped out. Not feeling the exact pain that I mentioned anymore, so all that's good.
Definitely wanted to thank you for your patience last week! It's so very appreciated. Thank you so much!