Thursday, June 23, 2022

Had to share this bit XD


Yeah, a decent wip finally happened, right? The chest part is going to look great when I add the feathers and I was quite happy with how the legs look. friend stepped in. To be utterly fair, I really did ask him for help in making a bird's feet work out. So I suppose this should not have been utterly surprising.

But alas. He was fully entertained by how buff she looks in the WIP:

Then he absolutely had to add insult to injury with this:

I did scratch out a term here but I'm sure you know what I scratched out. XD But then! THEN! On Discord, I'm in an art chat who had to add their thoughts into things:

A flex reaction? XD FLEX? be fair, AnnBirb looks exactly like she's been spending some time at the gym. 

Had to share this fun little bit with you (as well as sharing my current WIP). Thanks for dropping by and have a lovely day!

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