Monday, June 20, 2022

Feature 170--JuliaMersmann



This background is so perfect for some of the images of vampires that I've seen. I wonder how long it took her to make this come out so well? And just take a look at how the lightning from the storm has lit up the floor tiles!
Speaking of light, don't those candles look perfect? Especially how the light from them touches so perfectly on the vampire's dress and the baby's wrap. This whole piece is just gorgeous, definitely one of my favorites!

Flora of the Moon

Interesting piece! It's a Draw Everything June and Julia drew the Moonpresence from Bloodborne. Isn't this just the most interesting pose that this creature could have been drawn in? It looks just as distorted as the game makes it look but I just adore how the moon appears to be something of an egg for the creature; just waiting to hatch.
The tentacles look amazing and it would just be wrong to not mention how well the ribs and spine came out. My eyes keep going toward the creature's feet and claws on the toes. The whole piece is super well done!

Drow me Like a French Girl

It's so fun to see people draw their D&D characters. This one is a Drow who is more than happy to lay out on a comfortable surface and appear so lovely. Why not, right? All of the focus he gets on his bare body while he just gets to lay there in the proper poses!
The darkness of the image does perfectly to help censor certain places and it almost looks natural for how the shadows fit. And then the characters blue eyes just seem to glow with all the candles shining into them...he probably has eyes that glow anyway, to be fair, he's a Drow!

What a fun image to get to end on, right? These pieces are amazing and I truly love her painting style with all of these. If you'd like to see more of JuliaMersmann's artwork, her deviantart gallery is right here. Go check it out!

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