Thursday, June 16, 2022

So so many visits... (Sims 4)

So it started in the early morning. Tre, the vampire who lives off the grid on a small farm, was awake and taking care of his garden and animals when this showed up. Well crap, his source of money is getting knocked down, is it? Ugh...

One of the eight chickens in the coop right there was passing away, poor gal. And Grim was having nothing to do with Tre trying to chat with him at the moment. Pretty darn rude, don't you think!

(So things went on as they do but this time, Grim just did the cutest thing I've ever seen this game's version of death do. Scritches to the hen he's taking to the other side! Had to share it. It's always so fun how this character will often do something sweet with an animal that is passing.)

Meanwhile, because he lost a chicken, Tre apparently went kinda hysterical to the point that he absolutely had to do push ups for his broken heart and mind. And during this agony that he's living through, a rabbit friend had been taken to the other side. No headstone or anything either, mercy.

But this wasn't the end of this horrible day for this poor sim. Nope. Not at all! Just as Tre got the nerve to step back out and feed the rest of his chickens...

There the stealer is again, no cares to what Tre is trying to do at all. Sheez it's so rude. This is the majority of Tre's money during the winter months, WHY does Grim keep turning up! And right after taking this chicken, he comes back for yet ANOTHER!


And yeah. It's about here that my friend pops up with his so Helpful ways during this terribly trying time.
Friend: "I fucking burst reading the 'Dude. XD' message again. so indignant. so offended." And then merely seconds later, "XD you found a way to do the "Riches to Rags" challenge. just have Death slowly steal your income one by one"
As if  the Grim Reaper wasn't being bad enough right now, right? And THEN, as if all of this hadn't happened so very quickly, the camera pans over to a place nearby Tre's property...a fox collapses, taking it's final breath...

Poor little baby!

So Grim stole four of Tre's chickens and he had to take a fox along with all these poor things. How terrible to have to witness this whole story. And then there was this ONE MAN who stood somewhere just outside Tre's property, just waiting. Watching.
Preparing for the next invasion...

...oh no...

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