Monday, June 13, 2022

Feature 169--Musbasement


Musbasement puts a very interesting sentence in the Gladiator's artist comments: "The freedom of the gladiator is covered with mountains of corpses." Doesn't one just have to climb the highest upon all the death he left behind?
But let's now focus on the artwork because I love the way he painted the anatomy here. And the character is so pale too...maybe his amount of killing has almost erased his humanity? It almost seems so with how his face has been so distorted. His honor came at such a price. Was it so worth it, now?

Donna of the Deep

I agree with a comment on this one--it definitely seems like a masterpiece!
This character, whether alive in some undead form or not, fits the scene beautifully. And I really like how it's sitting on what appears to be a long sunken anchor. Look around, too; do you see the eyes that I imagine belong to the rest of the ship's crew when it crashed down to the bottom of the sea.
Can also see it as this one is what fights the ship down into the depths. It would explain why he's sitting in such a commanding pose over everything that's been eaten by the sea plants!


I keep wondering what kinda character this is. Looks like he could be some kind of rogue, to me. One that keeps himself hidden by song and dance. Wouldn't he be something if he were instead a magic user of some degree, too! I could see that stick being used that way, like some kind of staff. Why wouldn't he know how to make it dance with him...maybe that's part of why he's in shadow, too. A more sneaky way to fight or just trap someone if they came to watch his shows?

These pieces are all amazing! To see more of this Musbasement's work, his gallery is right here. Be sure to check the rest out!

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