Thursday, June 9, 2022

Felt like building a small place


Wanted to play with Tiny Living again and make an Off the Grid house. This is the tiny home that was built, one main room and kitchen, one bedroom, one bathroom. And if this one works for this separate file, I'm GOING to have to make a space like this in my main file...maybe without the porch though. That is easily 20 of the allowed hundred tiles that I didn't plan for. XD

This is the first shot of the main room. There isn't much to see in here on this image so thought it'd be a fair idea to share the workbench and the candle making space. There are going to be several more candles needed in this place, it's darker than I meant for it to be.

And after a couple more hours, here is the top down of the whole house. Managed to put several windows in (always a better light source than some candles, as you can probably see) and I personally like how the bathroom came out. Especially with how tightly I have the door to the bedroom and door to the bathroom arranged. More to learn for next time though!
You'll also notice a gramophone on the counters around the loveseat. Have to have to have a source of music or the game would drive me mad with itself. XD For the character's sake of entertainment, there's a small television straight below the loveseat.
The bedroom is on the left, with the bed folded up for the moment since he's not in bed. I'm so very glad that the game was kind enough to give him one of these beds that affords him 6 points of sleep! Thank goodness he kept the money for it, right?

Whatever character lives here is also quite lucky. Somehow I didn't forget the roof! Wouldn't it have been an awful place to live if the elements could just get in whenever they wanted? XD

Building these places is always a blast!

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