Monday, June 6, 2022

Feature 168--lifethroughjournals


Art Journal Page, May 2021

Praying to a god that she isn't even sure is there. Don't we all have that feeling at times?
I love that background, it's so gorgeous. The woman is just reaching up to an empty sky that's going darker and darker...her heart must be so broken right now. Having such difficulty going through life at the moment.
LifeThroughJournals did such a lovely job with that dress! The color against that deep red, going up into blackness, really does help show the life struggling to continue. And can we just take a moment and squeal about how well she did the hair? Excellent work!

Art Journal Page, May 2017

A witch under the full moon with two of her very well done familiars. We can see the moon's power gathering around her hand as she prepares some quiet spell. I hope it's quiet anyway. She certainly looks powerful enough to cause an issue if the need came!
Love how this piece makes me keep thinking. First, I saw a lake behind her with lighting from homes on the other shore. But it perhaps her magic creating both of those familiars' bodies? It makes great sense why we'd see the moon so clearly inside since she's possibly using that power. This one is so fun to get to view! So many stories can be made from it.

PUPA Challenge 3, March 2021

What I can learn about 'PUPA Challenge' on a gallery is that they take a photo and try to paint from it, creating their own piece. Like an insect going into a pupa between the immature and mature stages--pointing toward how someone can grow into a full artist while in this stage.
Personally, I love how lifethroughjournals has created this from the photo she used as a reference. This is gorgeous--like the heart is becoming life (look at the plus signs at the lower left!) and is perhaps becoming like a tree, where the life continues to grow?
Gorgeous work, it's so inspiring!

If you enjoyed the work in this feature; lifethroughjournals' gallery is right here. Drop by so you can see even more great artwork!

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