Thursday, June 2, 2022

Replaced model with a Quicksketch!


So. This happened early Monday...

She is clearly a bird of some kind and at least obviously a royal of some kind. (To fit her bit as "Hug Queen" in art chat.) This was a very quickly done quicksketch and I think I love how the idea has come out!

So here she is in the rest of the AnnBirb and Art Stuff save file.

I'm already having all the giggles about this so laugh all y'all like. XD But I seriously can't wait to get those wings and feathers in order, they're all going to be sooooo pretty when they're all put together! I'm also going to have to get a handful of hummingbird beaks to help get it to point the correct way.
Aah, I'm so excited!!

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