Monday, December 13, 2021

Feature 144--IzARTela


Always do enjoy someone's interpretation of how the signs of the Zodiac looks. This is great! Cancer definitely works as a ballerina and don't you just love the dress that IzARTela put on her? It's so pretty in those shades of pink.
She was inspired by Art Nouveau style when she designed this. Doesn't it just work for this one? And the change from arms to claws, from the hair to the part of shell on her head, just accents this whole piece. Excellent work!

Le chat avec des fleurs

Eee, this is a ragdoll cat that IzARTela owns. Hasn't she done a beautiful job in painting him? It really does look like you could just run your fingers through this one's fur. And those whiskers are 100% in the position of 'cat who is trying to figure out what their weird twoleg pet is doing'. I love it!
And when you can tear your view away from the cat's adorable blue eyes, aren't the flowers in front designed so perfectly? So very great!

Warning: The following image contains:
Violence or Wounding
Surreal Imagery


I was immediately drawn to this piece because of how well it shows its subject. The mask is broken and always worn above the troubles and issues that one may it any wonder that the mask itself might be a bit broken from what all it takes? And I'm fully in love with how IzARTela designed the torso and arms of this character. It just makes me wonder what is being hidden and how long the character has had to pretend to not be what they truly are. Love it!

These three works are amazing! If you'd like to see more, drop by IzARTela's dA gallery! She's done so much work to think about and enjoy. ^^

(Special note:
Don't forget the prayers and good wishes for everyone that multi-state tornado hit on the 11th (in the US). Here are some spaces to offer donations to help the victims of that storm: )

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