Thursday, December 16, 2021

Another Sims 4 build

So. What is it about having a very minor surgery thing and the bandages they put on an arm that makes said arm itch. to. pieces?! The surgery was done very well and very quickly thanks to the doctor in charge. And,thankfully, everything is healing very well!
But I really can't tell whether it's the healing or the bandage that is causing me to want to scratch my arm to a nubbin of the length that it is normally. ...thankfully, bandage comes off in only a few hours! Maybe this torment will end soon! @@

In effort to distract myself before I destroy this arm and it's ability to itch, I turned to Sims 4 and built. This thing became a pretty nice a-frame house, unlike some previous attempts!

For a 1 bed, 1 bath house, this is expensive!

This would be the first time I've managed to get the A shape of the house down. Just not too good at working the pieces of roof, really? This home uses the roof pieces to put down the two walls on the sides of the house. Pretty worth it, in my opinion! (Many thanks to the Sims Magicians on Youtube for that trick.)
And despite the complaint about the price, at least this stuff inside here isn't going to break on the first use, right?

Top Down view of the house's outside

First off, no idea why I'm addicted to making the top of a house glass. At least it's sunlight in the place so hopefully, the power won't have to be used too much. (HAH! This is Sims. They clearly don't deserve their money, right?) Pretty sure that's what the game thinks since that tiny little bit of grass on front and back of the house is what pushed everything 'over the limit' for a starter house.
Unless you're happy to cheat since it's a 1-player game like me...

Real reason the price is so high.

I cannot force myself to buy the cheapest things for a house. There's no point to have to keep repairing a thing, it takes all the time away from the sim! So most of these things are mid-level or higher, meaning that they're in the 700-900 simolean level per each item, unless said things have a habit of *not* breaking so awfully like I mentioned.
But isn't it amazing what a bit of light colors can do for a place? Before everything was painted, everything seemed to be so smashed in. But now, it's actually finished!

(Special note:
Don't forget the prayers and good wishes for everyone that tri-state tornado hit on the 11th (in the US). Here are some spaces to offer donations to help the victims of that storm: )

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