Monday, December 20, 2021

Feature 145--Azurelly

Of light, harmony, and gallantry

This is a re-painting of a stained glass piece that Azurelly has done before. Personally, I like the eyes open version that she's done right here, full respect to the original one.
Isn't the design of the 'plate' just perfect? It shows all of the colors like stained glass would have, just look at the sun and sunlight behind the warrior, and I can almost 'feel' the texture on this as I look at it. Love his cloak and the flowers on the sides here, too. Great work!

Dancing in the dark

The wedding dance that happens in Final Fantasy 4. Could the sky have been painted any better? That moon is perfect and the colors all surrounding the two help the eyes to just go straight back to the couple. And just look at the design of the floor they're dancing on!
Love how beautiful this came out. Excellent piece!

A Healing Soul

Oof, poor Cecil in this piece, he really needs that healing being granted to him. Rosa was just something else in this game, being able to hold him together like she was able!
Cecil really does look like he fell apart here, doesn't he? Sword and most of his armor in the dark, behind his back. Fitting for what he is, what he would love to pull away from. The purple in this piece seems to be perfect with Rosa helping to bring it into a much healthier pink shade around herself and Cecil.

These three pieces were just the tip of the iceberg! If you'd like to see more of her work, this link goes to Azurelly's gallery. Don't forget to check out her folders along the top!

(Special note:
Don't forget the prayers and good wishes for everyone that multi-state tornado hit on the 11th (in the US). Here are some spaces to offer donations to help the victims of that storm: )

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