Monday, March 6, 2023

Feature 200: A Walk Back

For Feature 200, I thought it'd be fun to go back through some past features! I'll share the artwork, linking to both the original feature as the number and to the Artist's image through the piece itself as I have been lately. 

1: It's only right that place number 1 is from the very first feature, where I shared AnthonyH318's work!

Gelid Graveyard

Can you imagine being the person (or people) who went out in their turn to mark the places of these dead? Anthony has a nice story about the image on it's page so I hope you'll enjoy looking at it again, like I did. And I'm still in full love with the building in the background, barely peeking through the driving snow even if we know that the area is surrounded. Can you just imagine how chilly?

2: Now this second piece is from Feature 30, sharing CaptainEdwardTeague's artwork.

Italian Coast from a Boat

Mm, this piece still just takes my breath away. The waters right next to the city, building upward into those mountains and hills in the back...there's so much I could say but how, since it makes me so speechless? Thank you, Captain, for letting me travel here on just the computer chair!

3:  Ooo, this one is from Feature 151, sharing toonicorn's artwork

Spur Your Imagination

In my first feature of this piece, my eyes were drawn to the dragon on the upper left--for good reason, look at the cloud it's causing! But what do you think of everything else surrounding the winged horse? Isn't it just lovely how toonicorn was able to put together everything that a child would remember on their imaginations, how much fun it all was? I hope none of us have forgotten the majesty of such imagination, despite our age.

4:  This piece is Azurelly's! It's so great to get to speak about it again!

Can't You Hear it's Cry?

Such a quiet room, with the statues of those who may have lived there before. And even quieter because, of course, these room often are gigantic. I almost feel the chill that would be left behind...
Don't forget to revisit the piece in Azurelly's gallery. There's a bit of music that is just perfect for such a place as this.

5: For the final past feature, we're seeing AltairSky's artwork again.


This piece still sparks my interest, it makes me wonder what kind of peaceful forest this is, even in the story that AltairSky wrote for the comment linked in the image's page. Then again...what is a story if it's only peaceful? Maybe this is just a small point of rest?

I never imagined that this feature thing would ever get to 200. Thank you to all the artists who show their art and let me share your work! This whole features thing could never have gotten anywhere without all of you.
And thank you to everyone who keeps coming back, too, so glad that you're enjoying the features. To the future for this site and us all!

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