Thursday, December 20, 2018

Feature 1--AnthonyH318

Hello everyone! I've had time to finally take a seat and get started on these features that I mentioned the other day. The artist is AnthonyH318, a digital artist on DeviantArt who has been on the site for 3 years and I hope that you enjoy his artwork as much as I do!

Fiery Hellscape by AnthonyH318
This is an extremely fun piece to look at, especially with the story he has written in the artist comments. I personally like how he had the fire in the mid-ground glow as he has done, it fits with the story's idea and helps bring the lost and trapped feel--you as the viewer are stuck on a bit of rock with the dead sky above you, and the only thing visible at the moment is that river of fire and volcano further back. Exactly what kind of life did you have to live to end up in this position? You'll have to read his short description to find out!

Gelid Graveyard by AnthonyH318
In this picture we see his touch at a wintery, cold scene; and again I think he did very well. He again has a nice story about it in his description; you'll be doing yourself no favors if you choose to not read it! I'm personally interested how he showed that the dead are here. Someone went into that cold for long enough to erect markers for the dead they could find. Or perhaps they used a mech, considering people have easily frozen just by staying out in that driving snow? 

Aquatic Park by AnthonyH318
And now we're at a waterpark where no one would drown! According to his story, the water in this theme park "acts like water, however people can breathe it in and still acquire the oxygen their bodies need to live and the best part is the water evaporates as its oxygen gets absorbed by the lungs, making it so there's no build up of water." I really like how he's put the light into this scene, it looks a lot like how I'd expect it to look, just a brightness coming from above and feeding enough light to have the shadow. (Mind that I can't swim so hush up if I'm talking out my tail! XD) Don't those buildings look interesting, too? I'd like to find how they were created!

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