Monday, December 24, 2018

Feature 2--AquaticJM

The artist that I'm featuring today is AquaticJM of DeviantArt. He has been on the site for about 7 years, according to his dA page, and he has some fun work in his gallery! Even better, these happen to be of pokemon, something I've enjoyed since Red, Blue, and Yellow on the original GameBoy!
A very interesting idea here, a Flygon that is flying in Indiana! AquaticJM mentions that he isn't quite good with backgrounds in this piece, but I'm sure he'll get there. I personally fell for those clouds and, with a few more strokes to it, there might be a mountain in that background. (If there are mountains in Indiana. I've not had the fortune to get to go there. ^^;) Aside from the potential mountain, doesn't the rain itself look nice without overpowering the picture?
This scene depicts a Togetic flying above the clouds toward the horizon. Isn't that sky good? I find it interesting how he kept the colors separate, without blending. The clouds even look correct for that style of painting! I think that I like how well he worked the lightest part of them out of the darkness. Wonder if this is the 'above the weather' scene of Rainy Flight?
The city of Rio de Janeiro in this piece is almost too far away to see, aside from the lights. Not that he did a terrible job of that! As high up as the three characters in focus are (I assume his character with a Toucannon and Politoed) the town would probably look exactly that blurry. I'm mostly taken with how the city looks against the water's reflection, it's a pretty fun image looking at that!

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