Monday, November 28, 2022

Feature 188--AltairSky


The Journey

First, I have got to squeal about how lovely the water looks here; especially with that little splash going over the whale's back. And then to squeal all about how well AltairSky designed the whale!
This makes me wonder how large these bots are...would have to read the comic to find that out, I imagine. Certainly worth the time! Especially if they live in such a pretty world as this background shows.


The background is as gorgeous as before, it's great! And the plant she's holding up isn't a holly; but the feeder plant of the hawkmoth caterpillars. (The type is written in the artist comments.)
This location is such a pretty one. The fog fits perfectly, I think; and it appears to be some kind of forest? Whatever it is, that grass looks perfect. Pretty tall too, so it's gotta be somewhere without a lot of grounds keeping--that just works best in my mind. Beautiful piece!


The best kind of cuddles for a chilly day! Love how the ice is coming down from the tree branch and those stones in the background. This scene also helps give an idea of the medabots' height, like I was wondering from before.
AltairSky has done it again with the gorgeous backgrounds. She's so very good with her work!

It was so fun to see AltairSky's hawkmoth medabots! If you'd like to see more about them, her gallery is right here. Enjoy yourself!

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