Monday, January 9, 2023

Feature 192--GrafvonEichenlaub1

Early 100 years war

This is a nice watercolor painting of the early 100 years war, don't you think? I have an awful time with watercolor myself, so full compliments over how well he controlled it!
I wonder, too, if this was meant to show something of the actual war or if this is something created from his own stories and characters. Either way, the weapons were drawn well and I enjoy the helmets that the soldiers on the ground are wearing. Lovely job!

Demon of castle Houska

This one was drawn for Halloween of 2001 and I can make up all kinds of stories for it!
Is the demon haunting the place or somehow controlled by it? Has he been sent as a punishment to those high living folks in the castle or is he being sent out to see that the royal family inside remains in control?
On that, I do enjoy how dark the castle and the area around is. Of course we'd see the demon in the stark of night while he plans his next move. Such a fun work!

Ritter in Maximilian style Armor

This is a well done bit of armor! And just look at that weapon he seems ready to bring down onto his foe! May his enemy go down quickly.
On top of that, don't you see how well the armor was drawn? None of it is too busy to distract from the next piece we look at; amazing since it's the whole suit of armor. It's amazing work, don't you think!

I really did enjoy featuring these pieces! To see more of GrafvonEichenlaub1's work, here is the link to his gallery. Hope you like it too!

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