Monday, January 16, 2023

Feature 193--ConfuzzledLion


Beidou Fanart

The first thing I noticed on this piece was the fabric on her shoulders. It looks so furry; I so enjoy the texture that ConfuzzledLion put on that portion! And speaking of texture, what do you think about how lovely the character's hair came out? It's perfect!
Special thoughts to how the ear was painted, too. I personally cannot get them drawn at all so to see how someone was able to shape it properly is so interesting. Absolutely have to give this piece an excellent mark!

Lighting Study

This is fun to see. Studies of all kinds are an artist's lifeblood; don't you think that ConfuzzledLion did such a great job with this one? I personally enjoy how the light just barely touches the chin bones. And just look how well the paler color on the hair came out.
Something that my eyes keep going back to is the character's eyes in this study. I wonder what she's looking at? Why whatever it is has such a nice focus?
In all, lovely a lovely work.


And finally, the most fun piece of these three! We can see here how the light studies had to have been learned well and I'm personally fully enjoying how we can barely see the figure in a quick glance--a ninja or another quiet and quickly moving character would have to take the few moments of confusion. In the dA page, ConfuzzledLion mentions that they played their music list on random to see how to build the character I can see it, can you? Like how the hand is metallic of some form--robotic or just a replacement? And I wonder what kind of tool that is on or in the other hand?
Very fun work!

You have got to see more of ConfuzzleLion's work! The link is here, definitely drop by and spend some time.

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