Thursday, January 19, 2023

So, I've been playing Sims a couple months...

Something put the idea to build a fortress in my mind, is what I've come up with!

Here is the outside of the fortress, the brick walls all around the outside of the fortress, and we see the hot spring as well as the exercise building.

One step downward shows the rooms for the family who'll hopefully be living here at some point. Three bedrooms and two rather big bathrooms, just as a royal family would deserve! A small study is at the end of the building towards us (we can see the bookshelves), and there's plenty of things for the parents and the three kids that'll be living here. 

And here is the ground floor, showing everyone the hot spring and the 'gym' in more detail. I'm sure you notice the two small homes beside the unfinished bottom layer of the fortress--the wife's sisters will be living in those two spaces where they can make their own meals and have their own sources of peace while the royals are a mess.

Well, the price is much lighter for what I would have expected the whole build to cost. XD But here is the bottom floor of the fortress itself, sharing the entrance and main space, the dining area on the left and, above it, the kitchen. The right side houses a bathroom and a large study for when it's just one of those days when you wanna cuddle up with a book instead of your mad family.

As insane as this whole idea has been, it's been so worth the frustration of everything. XD Definitely have to encourage y'all, whichever Sims game you so happen to have or even if it's just a different building game, build with whatever ideas you have! It's been so fun.

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