Monday, January 23, 2023

Feature 194--E-Ocasio


ABBA Dancing Queen in Spanish Version

Isn't this just the perfect background for an image sharing Dancing Queen, a song that came out in the 70s? And didn't he get the bell bottoms to look just perfect! Something very interesting, too, is that he explains that a translation of music isn't actually a direct translation, it wouldn't make sense. I found that quite interesting, personally.
Also, if you're interested, he linked a youtube cover in Spanish, some of the lyrics he wrote in this drawing. So fun!

Black 'n White male avantgarde

Sadly, the image that he used as a reference is off dA right now. However, didn't E-Ocasio just draw this guy figure so well? To me, it's like the fellow is walking forward!
But just look at the suit he put the character in. The trousers look properly tight to show off the character's legs and what do you think of that fuzzy detailing on the jacket? Personally, it fits the scene perfectly in my view. Excellent work!

Never Seen on TV

And a 3 for 1 image of characters that we never see on the television, drawn from shadows and descriptions that E-Ocasio was able to pick up when the characters were mentioned on the show. What a fun way to get an idea for what to draw and design! Really do enjoy how he designed them from the shadows (as he mentioned for Maria) and how the other two characters were spoken about.
Amazing work done here!

I've always loved E-Ocasio's artwork since learning he is on dA. To enjoy more of it yourself, his gallery is here!

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