Monday, May 9, 2022

Feature 164--Estheryu


Day of the Deviant

My jaw just dropped when I saw this piece. It's gorgeous!
There was a contest going when Estheryu created this; I so hope that she won something from it! Just look at that halo of stars around her head, along with those beautiful clouds behaving like sheets and blankets just over her form. Or perhaps it's to show that it is more hidden in the heights of her mind? Look how she's reaching up toward those planets, too.
Love it!

Doodle: Sunflower Skull

These skulls look very interesting set against the sunflower here. Maybe a comparison of life and death? Or perhaps it's just what just happened to come together as she worked on this?
It's also very interesting how the gal has those blue gems...maybe she's Life and is bringing the sunflower out to show that even death may not be the full end?
This is an amazing piece and it was so fun to see!

Fight Fish

This piece is amazing! How many fish can you count in it? And doesn't all of the lines here seem to act like fish themselves; floating free in the air?
Estheryu definitely seems to know how to paint the fish perfectly in this watercolor. I wonder how long it took her to add the color to this? She mentioned that the linework was a sketch that was done in 2016, too.
Was excellent to get to see this!

It was a real treat to get to see these pieces! To see more of Estheryu's amazing work, here is her deviantart! Drop by and spend some time here; it'll be well worth it!

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