Thursday, May 5, 2022

Sims 4: Island Living build

Mentioned lilsimsie again since I was watching one of her Sims videos before I bought things and started messing around. And...welp. My inspiration doesn't just stick with the several sims packs that I already have, nope, had to buy Island Living since the game went on sale.
Here's the lot that I chose to start on!

This spot is pretty cute, isn't it! When my two breeding sims--er, freshly dating sims!--Vae and Nayru get ready to have kids, this'll be a great space for them to all be in the water and maybe the parents can slip off to a bar when said kids are old enough?

Here's the shell of the place. I'm pretty sure I took off that wider space on the pathway, made it 2x2 instead of what it is here. Pretty pleased with the idea so far though, so it's time to get to work! First two spaces that I built is the parents' room and the bathroom attached to there.

Love that bed that Island Living gave us. (I think it's Island Living. Could be Mt Komorebi, I used both of those packs to decorate this place.) Can I just take a moment and mention the light that I used here? It's called the Cascade Pendant Light trio and I just had to use it in more places just than the one!

It throws just the right kind of light that just works in the island living set and love love how well it made the rest of the house work. 

Haven't had time to get the parents married and busy yet but this is another bathroom and three kids' rooms. The oldest (top room) will probably have some kind of gaming that he likes while the one just below him will go into science. The one who is going to be in the rightmost room will no doubt love his noise and music he chooses to make (If Sims4 lets their stories go out properly! XD We all know what Sims is good at, though...)
To be honest, this section was the most fun in the whole house so far!

The last two rooms, provided I won't make more in the meanwhile, is a kitchen and a living area where some of these five will be. ...I hope Sims 4 doesn't believe in drowning people in this ocean area, at least without some manipulation...
Goodness knows that I am really wishing and hoping there. XD Sims is the game to steal things completely out of the player's hands and make it all the more mad, right?

More pictures will come if there's anything more different on my game than I expect.

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