Monday, May 2, 2022

Feature 163--WLHcomics


Keisha Portrait Art

The way that WLHcomics painted this character reminds me of how one of the latest cartoons look. (Wish I could remember which show it is...) But I am in love with the texture she put behind her! It seems to help Keisha stand out perfectly.
Love the way that the clothing was layered on each piece and the pins fit great. Makes me think that she's going into a high school or somewhere like that?
This piece is quite fun, would like to meet this character!

All That Jazz

Two of WLHcomics' characters (David Wesguini and Amy Thorn) dressed up as old timey thugs!
Really enjoy the style that Amy took and David looks exactly like those old movie gang members. His hat looks perfect and I wonder if Amy's hair is just dyed like that or if she's wearing a wig? Both of that would fit for the years, I think...
Super interesting is that WLHcomics posted a link to where she speedpainted these two characters. Definitely check that out if you have the time!

Creepy Mushroom Man

Interesting! This is a character created by WLHcomics and he apparently hangs out in Camp Hollow, a location she created. Gosh it has to be fun to be able to keep a location set up so well!
I wonder what this dude does? She hints that he isn't that nice of a character so one definitely doesn't just want to run into him. I hope that he's not an eternal character that can't be easily defeated, when the time comes!
Excellent work done on him and it was so fun to learn all this!

Fully enjoyed getting to see these three pieces; what about you? Here is WLHcomics' gallery, you'll get to see how great her art and stories are! Drop by and check all of it out!

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