Thursday, April 28, 2022

Sims 4 again! (Inspiration source linked)

Looking at Hampton's Style Home Designs fired up a whole afternoon of building on Sims 4 again. Give them the full credit for helping me get an idea to build after just stressing all day about 'what to do'.
Was even a fun build! 

This is the first floor of a two floor house. Have to really cheer for figuring out how to get the stairs to turn like I did--even if Sims didn't ever try to hide it.
The close, blue carpeted room is a bedroom, with a video room right above it. Above there is the room with two couches and a record player, I imagine that people would head over there to just settle down and chatter a while.

On the other side of the hallway, there's a computer room/study. I'd personally love to be surrounded by that many books, wouldn't you? Especially if they weren't fake things! From there is the stairway up to the second floor and, just above that, a bathroom with a shower.

Here's another shot of the first floor where I moved the bathroom down a touch and added a kitchen. It seems to fit perfectly since deciding to do this!

This is the second floor. The room that the stairs come up in is just a gaming room of sorts. Has far too many games, but if the kid comes home from college? It'd be the best place to keep them! The top floor also has the bigger of both bathrooms with a tub and the cheaper of two mechanical toilets. (And who knows, maybe the room downstairs is the college kid's room. It'd at least give the parents the better bathroom!)

As you can see, I finally succeeded in creating a proper balcony! I seem to have forgotten the grill but...why do they need one of those? They have a lovely kitchen just downstairs, when it's time to socialize with the family.
This was pretty fun. Have to recommend looking at some floor plans from google (with proper credits on the particular house) or creating some yourself. Because as wild as it sounds, I don't think I have more fun than when building on this game.

Ack, oh yes! Yes I did remember to add a roof to this poor place! I promise! I didn't have to go back and shlop one on just to finish the post! See!

This was so fun to build and write. Would love to see your versions of how things work out when you're building in Sims 2 or 4!

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