Monday, April 25, 2022

Feature 162--Cuestionador

Between Two Worlds

Isn't this image just so interesting to look at! As Cuestionador says on the page, this is a collage and I personally LOVE it. To me, it seems to have a fiery cave on the left with the creature staring right into it. What I see on the right is that the static in the brain, hidden by the form of the person.
Did the person on the right maybe have to face that creature on the left? Are they maybe just keeping it secret that they themselves ARE the creature? If it ever became known, that's no doubt when the bomb would go off in some form or another...
Excellent work!

When Night Falls

This one is just waiting for the gates to open, as if she hadn't had plenty of men and women serving her. And of course all of them believe she was serving them. Behind the gate seems to remind me of a graveyard. Fits that red shape the succubus is leaning on perfectly. Maybe she's ready for those people who like to walk around one of those places?
Really enjoy this piece, great work!

Sketch 007: The Ghost

This ghost reminds me of one of those who track the people they're after. Maybe chasing them through the woods or a large mansion?
Loving how Cuestionador drew this creature. I wonder if this one sings their target to sleep or if it gets more out of them if it just scares the hell out of them? And how did this one die? It appears that she's long lost her chin and cheek were ripped off...
Love it, this is amazing work!

Was such a treat to get to see more of Cuestionador's work! If you'd like to see more work like what was shared, go to Cuestionador's gallery. It's more than worth your time!


  1. Thanks for the review Rachel!!!! The idea for my first collage was to do a representation of the material world (with all his rage and chaos) vs the artificial or digital world, when one person can be many. The middle one needs more red, but i lost a copy of the ad where i took the color for the background. The last one was done only with brush and ink in a row with other sketchs, without a base of pencil. I love horror stories about ghosts so it's a subject i like to do more than once, and i'm very pleased with the results.

    1. It was so great to see your work, always a treat to get to feature them! And it's so interesting to get to see what you were thinking about the piece while you worked on them, too.
      Can very understand why you'd be pleased with the results. They're well done!