Thursday, April 21, 2022

Sims 4 house renovation

I've been on a kick of watching LilSimsie again and I've been inspired to renovate a Sims EA build. Let's see what happens with it!

The house that I've decided to renovate is in Oasis Springs, it's the Springscape house. 

I'm going to attempt with this rule: 'if I want to place something, I need to remove something to pay for it' kinda thing?
It's a single rule, so let's see how easily I can stick to it.
The first bit to be changed is that living room: How dare the couch only be of one comfort? The couch isn't brown anymore but who cares? It at least has as much comfort as the two side chairs. XD

Now for that kitchen. I like the little table to eat at. The kitchen just seems really dark--let's see what can be done with that!

First, I exchanged that green door for one that has a bit of a window. It helped a lot on its own but I changed the color of the refrigerator and the countertops to give it a little more of a push. Surprise surprise, all it needed was a little light from the outside. Perfect! The floor didn't need changed at all.

Here is the kids' bathroom. This whole house has a problem with things being too dark to see, it turns out. Giving the floor another color than just black and giving the wall a bit more white helped out (especially with that texture!) So this room was quick and easy to clean up.

This room didn't need much at all, just another lamp so the far corner could be seen. Cheapest room to clean up, so far!
The next room is a room for two little boys...I wonder how badly they fought over that computer? I decided to remove a bed and do a little bit to try to bring a little more light into that dark gray space, though it didn't matter because of a bit that I'll show later.

And, like I complained before, here's another bathroom that's almost far too dark to see. The parents' bedroom looks nice but it wasn't hard to give the bed a little more comfort rating. Had to move the window to bring in a little more light and that worked great.

And here is the space where I finally did away with the little boy's bedroom. Decided that the little boy was thrilled with how his room was fixed up and that it wasn't just to dream of a single room, but he aged up an hour or so after his parents spent the money. At least in university, he gets his single room for sure!
Since things changed up so suddenly for the parents, they just decided that it'd be more worth their work and time to reward themselves with a nice pool and barbecue area in the back yard. Apparently, getting rid of the room wasn't any more expensive than just adding the pool for them

Original price: §64,678
After Renovation: §59,546
Savings: §5132

This was plenty fun to work on and mess with for this couple of hours!
I know LilSimsie does the whole 'change the whole house around' kinda jobs but I'm a little bit of a coward to do that. XD She's still great to watch for inspiration or if you just enjoy Sims content!

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