Thursday, April 14, 2022

Elder Scrolls Oblivion and about Monday

I have none of my art to share today--but, I am going to finally get to grayscale Norux like I had been planning to do earlier. Silliness aside, I'm going to definitely share any grayscale/lighting that comes out. It's just super late on Wednesday that I cannot get anything in order at all right this moment.

However! A friend has surprised me with Oblivion (the game before Skyrim!) and I've been quietly making my way in it.

My character seems to be an Agent, (at least, that's what the character told me) though I needed to adjust a slight couple of things to make my own character type. I want him to learn to be a Destruction magic user who tends to rely on his fire like magic. So far it's been pretty fun!

Here he is just after the emperor died, hadn't given him any new clothes at the moment of this screenshot. This character's a dark elf, just cause I didn't want him to be yellow. And I can't help but love the eyes. XD
So far, I've just helped the new emperor get up to the space of protection (Cloud Temple?). The mess getting out of the castle was fun. So that was entertaining so far. I'll try to remember to bring new screenshots when something silly enough happens to need one.

As for Monday, I will not be able to post the next feature until the week after the 18th. I have a sleep study to be done and goodness knows it's going to distract me all weekend. Wish me luck on sleeping with all those little things attached to my head, please. XD Hopefully, I won't be taking those little bits attached to the wires from my scalp while I snooze!

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