Monday, April 11, 2022

Feature 161--LadyYomi


FF7: Amano's Illustration 'Sora' Redraw

This is a piece that LadyYomi redrew after she saw Amano's version of the same. The way she drew those clothes onto the characters is lovely, they look much like I see the characters! I'm not too sure what weapon Aerith is holding but it looks perfect against her hair and her dress.
I wonder what that is attached to Cloud's belt? It's a great place for the eyes to rest after being on Areith's light pink dress, whatever the case. And I love how Cloud's top is designed! The black of his trousers lays against the arm color perfectly.
Love it!

Squid Game: Oh Il-nam

This is one amazing piece. I could never do realistic artwork like this one, so full and total respect here! Oh my gosh, I love love love those scratchy beard bits on his chin. They look perfectly itchy, don't they? And just look at how well she was able to paint his skin in the light and shadow!
(And yes, she really painted this from the bottom up! Look at examples 1 2 and 3 and just remember to come back here after you can pick your jaw up from the floor. ...don't leave me to drown in jealousy!)

Terranigma: Ark and Yomi

Neat, this was a redraw of a piece that she did in 2016. I'm totally in love with that starry sky she put in the background, that and the white and blue clouds surrounding everything makes it perfect! And after reading about the game, I think that this painting touches on everything!
Loving Ark's clothes. It reminds me almost like a tent? But it can't be; he's clearly wearing something underneath that red-orange bit. Maybe this is more like how one would wear a jacket or some like to not have the sunlight all over them?

I was looking forward to writing this! These three pieces were sooo awesome, and it's not often that I get to look up what something is to understand the piece. If you'd like to see more work like this, here is the link to Lady Yomi's gallery!

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