Monday, September 6, 2021

Feature 132--Onililyn

Sea Wolf (DTIYS)

I had to look up what DTIYS means; it's "Draw This In Your Style". There doesn't seem to be an example what she used as a reference, but I love how Onililyn painted that wolf in the waves, lit up by the moonlight!
That eye makes me think of the full moon's glow on all of the water. And it's beautiful how this wolf is howling as the wave comes down. The water is probably built up and pushed over by the power of the wolf's voice. (Voices? I would bet there's a whole pack in the sea here!)


Loved this piece when Onililyn showed me. Isn't this exactly the pose of a cat who has an expectation of it's person? And goodness knows that said person should already have learned several times over what is wanted.
Isn't this the most adorable kitty, though? I adore its fur pattern and do you see those gorgeous eyes! Now the big question. Is the cat's name Iris or is it just sitting in the middle of a flower patch? Might also be its favorite place to sleep, too.

Southern Loners

Have Korra and a dog that I believe is Naga. Oniliyn did an amazing job with designing and painting this whole piece. Didn't she do amazing with how she did all of the fur here?
I absolutely love how well she did with painting all of this. It's gorgeous! And don't forget to check out this piece's comments back on Oniliyn's dA page! They explain some about how Korra had to grow up alone and all of that.

These three pieces were so amazing. I am personally in love with how Oniliyn designs and paints her work! Here's the link to her dA gallery, go check out the rest of her art!

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