Thursday, September 2, 2021

Stone formation sketches!

Super yay! I now have my new tablet!
By everything that I can tell right now? It works quite like the Huion that I have, except that the pen doesn't have to be charged. On testing most of everything, the pen pressure claims to go to 8191--whether it does or doesn't, I'm still very happy with how everything is right now.
Also? The tablet feels lighter than the old Huion version did. 

That's nothing especially special but I'm just thrilled about everything at the moment. 

Can't wait to get some experiments on Clip Studio. Did I show these before? Either way;

V.1 stone formation
V.2 stone formation
...I may have just gotten a bit hungry before the end of that last image. XD And no matter if I got the ground level right, these would almost look great in a sketch of my own. So there's at least 6 more stones to draw.
Can't wait to play with the others with my new tablet!

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