Monday, July 19, 2021

Feature 125--EmiDaWeird

Alisa Animated Icon

Please forgive me if you can't read that purple on purple, it's "Click Me I move". (It links to EmiDaWeird's page where she uploaded this cute little GIF icon; hers doesn't have such unforgiving purple on it).
And the icon is just adorable! I love how she styled the hair and especially that she was able to get the animation to work so cleanly. Especially with how the hair itself moves through Alisa's smile and hand sign!
It had to have taken hours. Such amazing work always does!

Vivian Barkridge

Speaking of more forgiving purple-on-purple images, what do you think about this one? I personally love that fire on the end of the broom and Vivian's clothes are tops! It definitely looks to be made of the same velvety material that we see actors wear. And her boots are a perfect match to the whole thing.
Love how EmiDaWeird got that hair to work out, though. It's totally black enough to be something of an afterthought while we look at everything else but this painting would have totally lost out without it!

Alisa Bosconovich

And this image is where I learned that Alisa was a video game character from Tekken. It can be so interesting to see exactly what kind of character can be dropped into a fighting game, isn't it?
I think that EmiDaWeird did a great job with the way the clothing comes together at her torso and waist. It all seems to make sense for this one! And those wings look very amazing. I wonder how they help her fly? Is it with jet power or is it some kind of magic to keep in line with those 'feather like' parts?

EmiDaWeird's deviantart gallery is right here. Click on that link to see even more amazing pieces and remember to check out her folders along the top!

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