Monday, July 26, 2021

Feature 126--panda--eggs


This character seems to be one that panda--eggs created with FFXIV. Doesn't it look perfect for the game!
I am totally in love with how that hair is designed. And I wonder what kinds of spells would be in that grimore that the character is looking at? The book is black, so I imagine some kinds of dark magic...but that could also be the trap.
Excellent piece!


An OC of panda--eggs'. I hope that, if she's stealing that bag of money, she gets away without issue!
It's pretty neat how well panda--eggs got the character to stand out so well against the blue and pink of the background. I'm not certain that it's only that shadow! And aren't the eyes and clothing designed so well?
Love it!


Those teeth sure look like razors, don't they? Or maybe it's the horns?
Another OC that belongs to panda--eggs, isn't she just the best? I personally love that splash of color at the top that leads you down into the dark purple hair. And the dress is a lovely white--perfect choice to not overwhelm the whole image!
This piece is the cutest of all three of them, at least in my opinion. Both the others have the exact things about them but I think I am in love with those water drops coming off the umbrella.

After these three, you probably want to see more of Panda--Eggs' artwork, right? Here's the link to their gallery! The folders at the top seem to be collections of panda--eggs' characters, too. Check them out!

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