Monday, February 8, 2021

Feature 106--Cuestionador

The Dream of Cleopatra

Can you imagine how hard it could be to cut some of these pieces just to fit correctly on a collage? Cuestionador mentions that he keeps folders for what pieces might fit and work for a certain piece, but I still wonder how long it took him to cut things so closely without losing the story he was trying to tell. But he does his magic and makes everything come together great. I wonder, too, how he made the paper and glue work so decently together. (If it were my work, it'd all be a lumpy, sticky mess.)
Anyway. This is one brilliant collage and the next two are just as awesome!

The Mermaid

Here's another that shows how well he's able to manage his scissors and how great he is to show his idea. This one makes me wonder how long Cuestionador has to wait for pieces to dry before he can put another one down. Because look at how seamless it is! And I personally love that water he put in the background there and it just looks right for it to be blocked by a black and white texture. ...perhaps it's the song of the mermaid to lead the sailors to their doom?
This piece makes me think of so many ideas. Love it!

The Angel

Using the hints on the image and on the collage's page, this is meant to be Lucifer; the fallen angel. Such a desolate place he's in, look how empty and ruined that background is. And with that blood moon and the magma just dripping off a cliff! Cuestionador set this collage up perfectly, don't you think? The white form of the statue and the face front and center with fire and destruction behind him.
And that's only what I see in this. I'm sure that there are plenty of other things that can be made from this collage!

It's a rare thing to get some traditional collages for these features! Didn't they turn out great? Cuestionador has many more of them in his gallery; don't forget to check out his ink and Pokemon pieces!

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