Thursday, February 11, 2021

Riac's flats are in!


Altera Power Demonstration

Love how Riac turned out with his flats! Soon as Zen starts to cooperate with me, I can also begin starting with their magics (where 90% of the light source should be, if it all works out).
There's a whole idea of Riac's fire being the main source with the other two's powers catching said works in my mind. Let's hope that I can eventually make it actually happen. XD

Whatever happens with their powers, I really do like how Zen is starting to come out. That yellow was unexpected but...what else do we expect from an entertainer sort? I can't wait to start playing with his hair--with any luck the blond-ish shade won't contrast with his yellow too much.
It shouldn't anyway with the streaks of green that I'm going to give it but, y'know how it is to over think.

So many plans with this! Let's hope it works out. ^^

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