Monday, January 11, 2021

Feature 102--ARTificialphanTOM

This is an amazing piece, isn't it! It's drawn with a 4B pencil and colored in iPiccy; didn't he do such a great job in drawing a proper mallard? The detail to draw the beak and make those feathers look so realistic had to have taken a ton of time! But can we just talk about how the water looks? It's drawn perfectly for calm waters and I really enjoy how we can somewhat see the duck's reflection. The picture is a beautiful way to honor the animal. Super work!


I wish that I could draw faces like this. Just another reason that I'm in awe of his work, I think... This picture is of Jazz Artist, Alba Armengou. Can't say that I know much about her but the respect that ARTificialphanTOM gave this image tells me how much he likes her music. He drew this with a 5B pencil and colored his linework with iPiccy; can you imagine how much time that would have had to  take? Be sure to take a moment to respect how well that hair came out!
Global Warming

Completely drawn on iPiccy, this picture is a call toward what the penguins should need to do if global warming finally brings Antartica to the rocky desert underneath all that snow. It's an interesting thought and could easily be the fate of the penguins and other black and white animals in that location.

If you'd like to see even more of ARTificialphanTOM's work, here is the link to his gallery! I'd definitely say that it's worth the time to go there and enjoy the work he's chosen to share.

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