Thursday, January 7, 2021

Altera sketch and Sims 4 blab

What will be all three Alteras!

Ooh man it feels so good to be drawing again! (And not only playing Sims like I have been since Christmas, no matter how fun it's been. XD) The shared picture is my first pass of this sketch--can I say how glad I am that they appear human unlike how some of my previous images have been at this point. I promise to try to fix Riac's flipper-hand before the next post. Also found some costumes to put them in, hope that it all comes out great. We'll see next time I post these guys!

A few things have happened lately on Sims. My vampire's two pets passed away and, once he had grieved, he adopted a cute Ragdoll kitten. Said kitten has been whining about not being able to jump up on the counters...then it grew to adult. All surfaces are going to be graced to have this cat on top of them! ...thankfully my vampire doesn't really use his kitchen...XD
Speaking about the character, he's written enough books to be getting around 1000 simoleans each time he gets royalties from them. That's not bad for a fellow who likes to hang out at the lounge and drink plasma from the bar. And make friends who will bring themselves to his house to visit (and maybe let him drink from them). What a good predator he is!

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