Monday, January 4, 2021

Feature 101--MariposaBullet

Hell's Summoners

The first thing that I must say is that MariposaBullet is amazing with her painting. That background fits perfectly with how these characters look and all the black leather manages to look just that much different for each character! And super respect for how she drew and painted that tattoo on the character's arm.
Can we also just say that she's done a great job in showing these characters' personality with them just standing there? Makes it all the more fun to spend time looking over each one of them. Excellent work!

Kidnap Your Solatium!!

Wouldn't kidnapping your love be so much easier than having to spend time with them? Such a boring thing, isn't it, to have to behave so normally...clearly what this character feels about the whole situation.
I'm personally amazed with the perspective in this one. That character in back is certainly reaching toward the stolen gal (or maybe to grapple the thief). And I really love the way MariposaBullet drew that hallway. It's perfect!

Mandalorian Zhao Yun

I have to be honest here, I really know nothing about Star Wars or Baby Yoda. Couldn't be interested in the Mandalorian if I honestly tried. The scene that MariposaBullet threw together, though? I love how busy and exciting she made it!
The character in front, though...should he be holding a baby? It's probably not his fault at all since there's a fight going on, but it really does look like he's got such the chance to drop that little one. But I really do enjoy his uniform he's wearing--Star Wars ought to have more uniforms like that!

These illustrations are just something else! Hope that you like them as much as I do. What's that? You want to see more? Here is MariposaBullet's gallery link, enjoy!

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