Thursday, December 31, 2020

Sims 4 brain!

I am so sorry for not having any images of my own to share today. I've been given the bestest of Christmas gifts. The Sims 4! And oh my stars, is it a ton different than 2! XD It's been a ton of fun so far and I'm far from being ready to draw yet. Let me introduce you to my 4 characters in this new thing!

The Altera brothers

Meet Riac, Trezari, and Zen Altera. All three of these dolts are doing exactly what they do best. Not using the dining room table and eating on someone's bed while said someone is taking a bubble bath. At least the three of them didn't argue with getting jobs to support themselves. Speaking of jobs, I expected them to be something similar to what we'd find in 2? It's been pretty fun to see how much things have changed in this case!
Only one of these boys has the job he was written for and of course it's the little brother/entertainer of the family.

Tre Arlet

This is my fourth character; the resident Vampire in town. When I learn how to go around the town itself and see all the characters, I'll be able to tell you if he's the only one in this place. Tre has settled nicely and has taken a writing job to keep some money trickling in.

I spoke of how things have changed in Sims 4? It's still something of a shock that a job is no longer leashed to how many friends the Sim has. They don't have to be friends with the whole town and have 20+ friends just to be promoted anymore! I've found that a ton easier and it works out better for how the characters' play out in my mind.
One thing I am poor at is having a character throw a party. In the same way as one doesn't have to befriend the whole town for their job, there is much more to throwing a party that I didn't know. Thankfully, she doesn't seem to be too upset with Tre about that.

So yeaah, I'll be back to drawing sometime in the next weeks or so but there'll be a few posts about what these nonsense makers do in between!

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