Monday, December 28, 2020

Feature 100--MidnightDJ-SK

Archimede the Broad

Yes yes, let's avoid the obvious joke here. =p I'd like to turn focus to the paint used--can you believe the watercolors on this? I've rarely come across skin colors that look so realistic with that medium. And I absolutely adore the way that she comes out from the background, like she and the background are two separate parts. (Which they are.)
I love the way that the background was painted, too. It doesn't seem like it's night time, so maybe it's a kind of magic behind her that is sparkling in such a way? Very lovely!

Flower Guardians: Strelitzia and Raphus

Strelitzia, on the right, is bringing some plants for healing to a location and Raphus, on the left, brings food to another location in the elven countries that these two characters live in. Aren't they both beautiful! I think I personally enjoy Raphus' dress, it seems like it is one of those gorgeous fabrics that are infinitely comfortable. Same for those shoes!
All respect to Strelitzia, of course. Someone ought to find her a place to sit down because of those high heels. With any luck, she doesn't have to keep them on for too long while she heals and sells those least she has the lotions to ease the pain?

DC Tribute--Powergirl

I love how the cape and sky colors play off each other here. And just look at that sky with the effort taken to make these clouds look so good! I'm in agreement with TheHaxMan on the piece's original page--the gradient of the sky is amazing, going from the purple near the clouds on up to the blue and white behind Powergirl's back.
Let's look at her pose though. I wonder how long it took MidnightDJ-SK to draw it so well? It looks very much like something we would have seen in a comic with SuperGirl, I imagine. It's super well done and many congrats to him with how the muscles look like they're in the right place!

How excited I was to get to this artist! MidnightDJ-SK is amazing, all three of the pieces in this feature is watercolor with varying amounts of mixed media. You'd like to see what else he can create, right? Here is the link to his gallery, enjoy yourself while you check it out!

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