Thursday, January 14, 2021

Alteras and plans going forward!

Altera's Power Demonstration

Yay it's time to catch his brothers up to this level! Zen's a bard so he's going to have something playing with his power and Trez is a doctor...let's hope I can get his uniform as decent as Riac's came out. I don't know what about a long jacket should be difficult but yeah. XD

There's going to be another play through on "Get Off Me" again, too. I won't override the Alteras with this but look forward to a new lineart at some point!

I've also bought this thing. It should be delivered tomorrow (Edit: it came today!) and I hope my wireless earbuds work out with it. Oh, of course, my brain is certain that the bluetooth isn't going to behave for some reason. But it's also of the opinion that I've broken my neck while sleeping. (Because somehow, the chin was connected to the shoulder. No. I don't know why I slept like that. How in the world did I survive to 36 doing that?) Edit: Bluetooth adapter is working flawlessly. ^^
The good thing is that I've pretty much decided that my brain's not smart enough on that to be listened to for either of these bad cases.

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