Monday, January 18, 2021

Feature 103--ColorfullyMonotone

Unoccupied School

This hallway looks so very morose and almost haunted. Why is the character having to carry some flame around? Why is the light out? It doesn't escape my mind that this could be from one of those games that you walk around, however cautiously, to help make sure none of the dead or brain controlled can hear you. Because becoming dinner is an awful thing.
I personally love the colors here. Especially just how dark things become as we back away from her light.

[Redraw] Warror of Stone

And here we are, now focusing on this lovely character with some more excellent lighting. I love how she looks and it's so fun to see her boots and forearms like they are. It's also so very fun to see how her hair is also partly stone! Excellent work here.
It's not enough to say about the rocky parts of her body. Just look at how the hair on her head came out! Oh my gosh, it's a perfect magma/reddish blonde color! Wouldn't you also have fun seeing more of this one?

Chilling With Your Pet

It's always so awesome to get to cuddle with a dog or cat like this! She drew it perfectly.
Isn't this just adorable? I personally enjoy how well ColorfullyMonotone drew the person in this. Could you imagine how difficult it was to do things this way?
Absolutely perfect image! Go to this one and thank her for sharing this one with us! 💖

Check out ColorfullyMonotone's gallery to see more gorgeous painting and fun artwork like these. Definitely enjoy your time there!

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