Thursday, October 29, 2020

Distraction from Norux: Corel Painter test

Someone recently gave me a copy of Corel Painter 2021 and I've been playing with it the past little while; repainting the Field and Stream image that I posted to Art last month. Aside from not yet knowing how to throw a shadow onto anything, I'm pretty darn happy with how the picture has turned out!
Here is a comparison:

Clip Studio Paint

Corel Painter

I've not quite learned how to paint in the shadows yet, or how exactly to throw a rock or two into the stream, but using the different paint brushes in Painter is fun. And the best part about it? I can go back and forth between Clip and Painter if I want to go back to some familiar brushes for little things. (Thank goodness they both read .psd!)So! It's a very fun program to use and it's going to be great to learn more. Perhaps we will see Norux with the new toy, eventually?

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