Monday, October 26, 2020

Feature 91--SanneAdeen

I love how SanneAdeen drew and painted the hair for this character and those shadows in the trouser legs are just perfect for the whole design. But can we focus on the painting itself? And what did it take to get the picture to be a GIF?
Speaking of it being a GIF, it's cute to watch this gal blink. So fun! I really appreciate the effort that went into this. ^^

Another GIF! I have got to ask her how she's doing this, it's so cute. ^^ Remember to go to the link provided to see the full size!
This pose is very cute. Looks like Safira has just been interrupted in her room and hasn't gotten to the 'shout at people' yet. Or maybe she's trying to tempt someone into the room so she can attempt to trap them in some way? The ears and tail in this piece makes Safira even more cute and it all comes together perfectly.

My attention was immediately drawn to Cherry's eyes here. Aren't they adorable?
I love how SanneAdeen painted this one. The colors lead your eyes all around perfectly. And the chosen red is perfect to balance things out. I find myself very interested in the belts on her leg; what could they be for? Holding a knife or two, or maybe just to make her look cuter?
Hey, if you're interested, there is a video of SanneAdeen doing the linework and painting Cherry! I find it very interesting: Youtube Speedpaint

These were amazing, right? You guys have got to go to SanneAdeen's gallery! These three pieces were marvelous so I'm sure you'll love the other work that she has.

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