Monday, November 2, 2020

Feature 92--EmilyArtPoland

Lovely Bird

I love that bit of color in the background, here! To me, it looks like we're focused on the bird so the leaves of the tree that it's in are a bit blurred together. And doesn't that color set off those yellow feathers? I can't imagine the amount of work doing those feathers needed. This was done in colored pencil, too. So, I have to say it again. There should be so much respect to the traditional artists who do pieces like these!


EmilyArtPoland made this cat look so fuzzy, didn't she? I love it! Speaking of loving the fur detail, take a look at those ears. They look so very real! But I have got to send some focus toward the caracal's eyes; aren't they just so gorgeous? I have no idea how long it takes for something so realistic but I really thank her for the time and effort to make and share such lovely pieces!

Colorful Hummingbird

Here are some of the tools that EmilyArtPoland uses for her colors! And oh. my. gosh. don't they look so amazing having put down the colors of this hummingbird? Great eye for the different feathers for different sections, too--the feathers used for flying are drawn and colored so well. And then to echo from the bird's head all the way to its tail? Super work!

If you like the three pieces that were shown here, you've got to see the rest of EmilyArtPoland's gallery! All the pieces there have the same attention to detail as you see on these three; you'll definitely enjoy yourself!

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