Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Feature 60--LadyYomi

Aerith realistic painting
I love how some people can paint so realistically. And didn't LadyYomi do such a great job with these facial features--definitely that hair and the eyes? And that she was able to draw Aerith standing against that sky full of fireworks! I love this, all the time it took her was well used. 
And this isn't all she does with the scenery in her pieces!

Dream #168--The White Whales
Look at the sea in this one! And how the whales swim between water and dreams! This looks like it'd be the best of peaceful dreams, don't you think? All the colors in this sure seem to be of the relaxing kind. I'd also love to swim with these whales...it's such a great thing that LadyYomi remembered this dream so that she could show us this way!

Hakuouki OC Kimi no na wa
This is a screen redraw from scratch from the movie "Kimi no na wa" ("Your Name") with LadyYomi's characters drawn in place. Honestly? I think that she drew the characters very nicely. I've never seen the movie but I can thoroughly respect how the characters seem to fit directly into the scene she redrew. Super respect for that!

I have to admit that I'm a day late on this feature. My apology; yesterday I had doctor appointments and was entirely exhausted by the time I got home. But at least I get to share some of  LadyYomi's work! Her gallery is right here on deviantArt. You should certainly take a look there and see what else she has done.

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