Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Donut is finally cooked!

Part 3, Level 2 of Blender Guru's tutorial!
. . . This took way too much time with how hard I made it. Teach me to be playing with 3D programs at 5:00am. But yay for getting a texture of sorts on here! And I'm very sure that this donut fried upside down. Look at where the lighter part is.
But at least it made it through the fryer!

And now, I move onto Part 4, Level 2!

Oh. ...Oh, dear.
So, after a long day at the spa and getting to speak to a therapist, our lovely donut is pretty happy again. And so am I, what and getting some kind of texture to this donut. (Without making it look like a hedgehog or the kind.) It looks like how a donut actually would, flakey and just ready to eat!

One more video and we're almost to level 3! I'll not make you follow along with the next video and will hopefully have level 3 completed before the next post.

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