Monday, March 9, 2020

Feature 59--Ciring

Alethia, the Unicorn Girl
I so very love the way Ciring drew this character. It reminds me of how the unicorn in The Last Unicorn was drawn up--mostly human with just a mark on her forehead? But it's so much better to get to see Alethia with the proper horn! The strings with the stars look like they fit perfectly to show this unicorn's way of dressing up. (As I see it, anywho.) 
As you can see in the link, Alethia belongs to another person so I imagine they came up with the colors. But Ciring made them all fit together beautifully, especially how the dark color in her hair eases down to that blue-green down at the very ends. Super work! 

Vale and Renaer Dances
Another piece with some superb color choices. Gosh, I love all of how she has managed them in all of these I'm showing here...the purple and blue so closely to the white uniform and easing down to the faint green of the floor. Super balance here. But take a look away from just that for the moment--she's fit wings into this ballroom without missing a step in making them look different than the fabric on the windows behind the characters! 
I don't know what it is about them, but I'm drawn to Tieflings. And I didn't even know that they could come with wings! Wish that she said a little more about the story in this, I'd so love to know even more about this scene. XD But it doesn't take anything at all away from the piece!

DnD Party - The Crows
First thing is first: Excellent work on that flash effect! I like how it brings the background from nothing to the world that these six characters are in. And take a look at the grouping of characters! Every one of them is drawn to a very good degree, just like they should be. ^^ 
But aren't you glad that spiders of the size that one character is holding aren't the most normal? @@ I wonder how the rest of the characters feel about them? If it were any of my teams that I've played in, there would be time to stress the rest of them. XD Guns and swords are also an interesting mix of ability here--bet it worked out great for the story!

Do you want to see more of these amazing pieces? Go to Ciring's deviantart gallery and take a look! I will guarantee that it's going to be worth the time you spend there.

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