Thursday, March 5, 2020

Even more Donuts!

Some may have seen where I posted this to my dA account.
I no longer have that version because I seem to have forgotten to save properly. *cough* Then Blender crashed and took the .blend version with it. So! Let's start from the beginning here and see what we come up with, hm?

Version 1: Everything looks like clay at the second but it isn't going to be so bad to start with! Rendering time wasn't too bad, considering this had no amount of color to it. Oh, but it will. And rendering times will get slower and slower from that point onward. At this second, though, I think it's more that it has so much space to cover!

A few steps later brings us here:

Adding in the color definitely made rendering a bit slower. As if this computer isn't bad enough on its own. XD Still, I'm thrilled it's happening at all right now. Can't wait to see how the full image will turn out. ...though I expect it to take a whole night now, when there are plates and a wall added in. @@

I think I shall be leaving this alone for a little while. Fun as it was to play with it I'm wanting to do something else for now. Hopefully, there will not be another big oops that causes me to lose my position again! And I will gladly take my place at the alley of insane artists. I want to play with Blender again rather soon! @@

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