Monday, March 2, 2020

Feature 58--Kamrusepas

Where the Last Wave Broke

I always have enjoyed pieces where different aspects were taken from other stock images. Especially when they're put together so splendidly! She made all of this come together as one piece without leaving any hints from the original photos, which makes this one so much better. I can hear the roaring of the waves behind the cello player and all of that echoing from the bricks at her feet.
Definitely very amazed with how well Kamrusepas put all of this together, too.
For the references to each part used, go to the link I've provided.

The Mirror Crack'd
The first piece of literature in a while and wow didn't it take me on a roller coaster. I don't know how she shared this feeling of change or how she thought to write it as she has, but it really fit the 'beat' that I was hearing behind the words while I read this poem. Kamrusepas chose some of the best words as well.
I'll never be able to describe this as well as I want. Go check it out!

Misery Portrayed
The words in this piece are so graceful, as if we're watching a dancer slowly lose her step in a song. How she's (the dancer) doing her best to hold on until the end; where she's finally had to admit the truth of what she's been struggling with! 
A lovely piece that is very well written. Go to the link I've given and let yourself in on this little treat.

There are many more pieces of writing and so many more images that Kamrusepas has shared in her deviantart gallery! If you liked either the writing that she shared with me this time or that picture at top, you'll certainly enjoy checking everything out.

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