Thursday, February 27, 2020

This donut will take over the world!

Kneel down and worship the Donut that will crush unbelievers and feed humans for centuries:

How do I know that my donut is too big? It has something to do with how large it is on the plane that it's sitting on. Have Blender Guru's example

No, it is not a trick of the light that he has shining on the donut nor is his plane any larger than the one my Blender put down. He was working a lot smaller than I was and I didn't realize it until he showed this version right here. 
...Blender should have a scale option, somewhere, so I can make mine smaller. (Thank goodness!) But now I'm wondering if there's even enough room for the cup of coffee that he'll lead us to create rather soon? XD

For something unrelated to the donut, take a look at my buttons to the side of this post. Yes, I've created a small Discord chat. It'd be great to talk with y'all if you feel like checking it out. 
See you there! ^^

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